Shooting Discus

Shooting Discus

Genre : shooting
Release Date :Thursday, February 06, 2014
Player Count : 125


Shooting Discus is a flash based shooting gallery game. The game is skeet shooting and you are able to choose between three different skill levels with the options being easy, medium or hard. You earn points by shooting skeets that will be launched in four different directions. They will either come from left to right, right to left, incoming or outgoing. The maximum amount of shells is 60 and in the first round you only have 10% of that total. Each level increases in difficulty and gives you more rounds of ammo too. At the end of each level you will get points for how many skeets you shot and how many shells you have left. The mouse is used to aim and it\'s left button to fire and to reload as needed. This is an addictive and fun flash video game from!

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