Simple Shoot Game

Simple Shoot Game

Genre : shooting
Release Date :Thursday, February 06, 2014
Player Count : 73


Simple Shoot Game is a very simple shooting gallery game. You will use your mouse to move the cursor over the floating smiley face targets. Click the left mouse button when you are lined up properly. The yellow happy face will turn into a bloody face to indicate that you scored a hit on the target. You can only miss you target so many times before the game will end and offer you a chance to play again. After completing each level, the game will make you click a box to advance to the next level so if you need a break, take it during this brief period. As you reach some higher levels, there are many more happy face targets to shoot in the face which makes the game get much harder than you might expect. Keep shooting them until they\'re all spouting blood and then kill some more! Have fun with this great flash shooting game!

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