Genre : shooting
Release Date :Friday, March 07, 2014
Player Count : 146


Slingshot is a flash shooting game that pits you and your three cavemen against the computer and it\'s best warriors. Click on one of your tribesman and watch the power meter above his head. When the power seems right to you, let go and your man will fire his slingshot at the enemy. Each caveman can absorb two hits, but on the third hit he dies. So keep your men moving and stay out of range of your opponents, but keep taking them out or you\'ll be the tribe that becomes extinct first! As you win levels, the enemy increases in strength until it\'s really very unfair, but that\'s the fight you have to win! When you get one lined up, try to time your next shot to the exact same spot so that you hit him again as soon as he stands back up. You will soon be shooting it out with a whole clan of opponents, so good luck!

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