Ahsau No1

Ahsau No1

Genre : sports
Release Date :Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Player Count : 68


Ahsau No1 is a cool flash sports game that involves skateboarding in a half pipe. This game is made in China but is easy enough to understand even if you can\'t read the language. You are a skateboarder and you are entered into a competition with your friends. You have to make as many points as you can in your timed session in the half pipe, and to make points you have to do cool jumps. At the lower right of your ramp there is a skateboard wheel that rotates and sparks when you\'re near the top of the ramp. Click on the wheel when you\'re near the top of the ramp and you\'ll launch into the air and score a bunch of points. If you are really quick with the mouse, then click on your player as he is airborne and you\'ll execute an extra trick that gets you some bonus points! Keep it up all through the entire round and you are sure to get the high score. Once you get a good high score in this sports game, post it for other Freegame.com players to admire and try to beat.

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