Galactic Tennis

Galactic Tennis

Genre : sports
Release Date :Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Player Count : 542


Galactic Tennis is a cool flash sports game that takes place somewhere in deep outer space. First you have to choose your skill level from several options and then start the game. The playing court is in 3D and it\'s laid out with you in the foreground and the opponent in the distance. The play is similar to Pong if it was turned on it\'s side and laid flat. You have to bounce the ball back across the court to your opponent and try to get it past him and then you score. There is a stadium full of people and other creatures cheering you on as you make each score. Along the left side of the court there is a series of blue and red lights. These light up as you score points with five points winning the match. After each win, you move on to the next level and the game has some nice animation of traveling through space to reach the next planet. This is a cool flash sports game that you can play free at!

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