Homerun Rally

Homerun Rally

Genre : sports
Release Date :Monday, February 10, 2014
Player Count : 59


Homerun Rally is a cool flash sports game that puts you at bat in one of the most rapid fire games in history. All you have to do is use your mouse and click the button when you think the ball is over the plate. You can move to the left and right to get lined up just perfectly before you swing away and send another one over the center field fence! Every once in a while you will bean the pitcher causing him to have a fit on the mound, but it\'s all good and soon he\'ll be flinging those balls at you once again. In every game you get 50 pitches which is plenty of chances to send a bunch into the cheap seats. Remember to just meet the ball with the bat and let the rest happen naturally. Good luck and be sure to brag about your high score to all of the other gamers!

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