Line Rider

Line Rider

Genre : sports
Release Date :Monday, February 10, 2014
Player Count : 860


Line Rider is a fun flash game and activity that will give you endless hours of entertainment as you come up with new lines to ride! After you click play from the title screen you will be on a page with pencil, hand, play, stop, trash and disk icons along the top. These are your tools for the game and what you need to do is draw a line with the pencil from the upper left part of the screen to the lower right. You can use the hand tool by clicking it and then you can drag the line to a new position and continue drawing it. You can also activate the hand tool by holding down the space bar while using the pencil tool to save a bit of time. After you have finished your drawing, click the play button to see what happens. You can experiment with different slopes and angles so have fun exploring this cool flash video game at!

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