Ping pong

Ping pong

Genre : sports
Release Date :Thursday, January 30, 2014
Player Count : 62


Ping Pong is a flash version of the classic table game of the same name. This version allows you to set the difficulty of the computer by sliding a dial to the plus side anytime you want to. You play the blue paddle on the right hand side of the playing field and the computer will control the red opponent. You have to use the mouse to position your paddle so that you will intercept and deflect the ball as it comes towards your side. The computer has a habit of never missing any shot whatsoever so you have to be very good as the speed increases. The longer you are able to last, the harder it gets to keep returning the ball to the other side. The game keeps a running count of how many balls you\'ve hit and missed and if your game is like mine, the computer never has any misses. This is a classic flash ping pong game that is worth playing just to see if you can make the computer miss on the hardest setting.

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