Punch out

Punch out

Genre : sports
Release Date :Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Player Count : 748


Punch Out is a classic arcade style video sports game brought to flash so you can play it right in your browser. Since it\'s a boxing and fighting game, you have to know which keys to press to perform which actions. The A key is a high left hand punch, D is a high right hand punch, Z is a left low punch and C is a right low punch. Press the S key to throw a super uppercut and if you need to block punches you should tap the up and down arrow keys respectively. The opponents are Glass Joe, Dragon Chan and Iron Mike and they all have special areas to watch out for. With your first opponent watch his eyes. The second will throw kicks so use the high block followed by a high punch to stun him. Fighting the champ means you have to withstand a full 90 seconds of punching fury that he will unleash in your direction. Good luck with this cool flash sports boxing game!

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