Genre : sports
Release Date :Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Player Count : 48


Snowboarding is a game that definitely lives up to it\'s name. A game made using flash sound and animation, you have to guide your snowboard down the hill and hit the jumps. Use the special keys to execute the various tricks while you are airborne and make the landings to score big. You have to avoid the skiers who rudely think that the whole mountain belongs to them! They\'ll just come barging right through your line so you have no choice but to avoid them well. You can do combo moves too so keep practicing those tricks. Here\'s a tip for a higher score. Hold down the left mouse button to give your jumps more power. Press down the button as you approach a jump and release it on takeoff! Then do the aerial trick that will beat the rest of the competition by a mile! This is a really fun and addictive flash sports game that you can play for free on

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