Genre : sports
Release Date :Tuesday, March 04, 2014
Player Count : 8


With a name like Trampoline, you have to figure that there is a trampoline involved in some way and there is! The goal of this flash sports game is to do as many aerial tricks as you can while you bounce on the trampoline. There is a time limit of 99 seconds per round so practice hard on the tricks and execute them all well. Try to do as many unique tricks as you can rather than repeating them. If you repeat a trick, you will only get half as many points the second time around. Of course, make absolutely certain that you do not accidentally jump off of the trampoline. Ouch! Use your left and right arrow keys to control the direction of your rotation. Use the up and down arrow keys, or the mouse, to select which aerial trick you\'re going to attempt.

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