Genre : water
Release Date :Saturday, February 01, 2014
Player Count : 130


Fishing is a basic but fun flash fishing game that was created in China so if you can read the language then consider writing your own game review later. When you begin the game you are seated in your small boat on top of the water with a view of the fish and other things floating in the water. With the mouse you move your boat back and forth and when you click the left button your hook drops into the water. Press and hold the button until the hook comes into contact with the fish you want to reel in then let go of the button and the fish will be pulled into your boat. Be careful though! There is a lot of pollution in the water and if you hook that it will also be reeled into your boat. Get too much garbage and the game will end! To make matters worse, there is a storm cloud that follows you from above and shoots lightning into your fragile body from time to time. Keep dodging the bolts and reeling in fish and post your high score!

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